Live Scoring
Hivemind190The J.I.M Fan Club120Mat+h130
Child Again150Hangry140Daughters of David220
Hivemind180Sparks110Daughters of David140
Dec Site 1 q1
Child Again170Mat+h190Exodus-70
Dec Site 1 q2
Mat+h270Amplify250It Is Written120
Dec Site 1 q3
Reclining Roosters190Exodus240Hangry170
Dec Site 1 q4
Hangry290Sparks240Heavan Leaven60
Dec Site 1 q5
Daughters of David150Hangry110Hessed60
Dec Site 1 q6
The J.I.M Fan Club150Exodus90It Is Written100
Dec Site 1 q7
Hessed20Little Caesars110Hivemind150
Dec Site 2 q1
Hessed170Heavan Leaven70The J.I.M Fan Club220
Dec Site 2 q2
Hivemind250Daughters of David100Child Again110
Dec Site 2 q3
Daughters of David90It Is Written160Sparks260
Dec Site 2 q4
Little Caesars190The J.I.M Fan Club180Mat+h150
Dec Site 2 q5
Exodus250Still Waters160Little Caesars170
Dec Site 2 q6
Loaves and Fish80Hangry280Amplify360
Dec Site 2 q7
Still Waters220Reclining Roosters150Child Again380
Dec Site 3 q1
Loaves and Fish40Reclining Roosters160Daughters of David290
Dec Site 3 q2
Exodus520Heavan Leaven110Loaves and Fish60
Dec Site 3 q3
Still Waters180Hessed120Mat+h200
Dec Site 3 q4
It Is Written110Hivemind300Still Waters60
Dec Site 3 q5
The J.I.M Fan Club200Amplify270Reclining Roosters170
Dec Site 3 q6
Sparks110Child Again180Little Caesars30
Dec Site 4 q1
Little Caesars250It Is Written160Hangry190
Dec Site 4 q2
Sparks220Hessed30Reclining Roosters300
Dec Site 4 q3
Hivemind220Loaves and Fish0The J.I.M Fan Club90
Dec Site 4 q4
Amplify220Daughters of David120Exodus230
Dec Site 4 q5
Mat+h340Sparks150Loaves and Fish160
Dec Site 4 q6
Heavan Leaven40Still Waters310Daughters of David240
Dec Site 5 q1
Dec Site 5 q2
Hangry150Still Waters220The J.I.M Fan Club120
Dec Site 5 q3
Heavan Leaven190Little Caesars230Amplify200
Dec Site 5 q4
Child Again420Loaves and Fish60Hessed140
Dec Site 5 q5
It Is Written180Child Again470Heavan Leaven150
Dec Site 5 q6
Reclining Roosters30Mat+h60Hivemind210
Mat+h150Amplify220Child Again210
Contagious100Still Waters180Little Caesars70
Feb Site 1 q1
Hivemind290Amplify150Child Again130
Feb Site 1 q2
Child Again260Sparks230Daughters of David90
Feb Site 1 q3
Feb Site 1 q4
Exodus290It Is Written90Little Caesars150
Feb Site 1 q5
Reclining Roosters150Exodus90The J.I.M Fan Club180
Feb Site 1 q6
Amplify270Hangry340Heavan Leaven100
Feb Site 1 q7
Exile30Still Waters340Mat+h280
Feb Site 2 q1
Hangry90Daughters of David300Exodus280
Feb Site 2 q2
Heavan Leaven40Contagious190Hivemind170
Feb Site 2 q3
Sparks310The J.I.M Fan Club130Amplify230
Feb Site 2 q4
Exile240Loaves and Fish160Amplify340
Feb Site 2 q5
Contagious160Little Caesars170Sparks310
Feb Site 2 q6
Loaves and Fish220It Is Written260Hessed170
Feb Site 2 q7
Reclining Roosters250Seven Woes10Child Again270
Feb Site 3 q1
It Is Written210Mat+h130Sparks170
Feb Site 3 q2
Feb Site 3 q3
Still Waters270Seven Woes30Hangry70
Feb Site 3 q4
Child Again400Heavan Leaven180The J.I.M Fan Club170
Feb Site 3 q5
Hivemind350Daughters of David220Exile-10
Feb Site 3 q6
Still Waters180Reclining Roosters90Daughters of David280
Feb Site 3 q7
Little Caesars140Hivemind110Loaves and Fish20
Feb Site 4 q1
The J.I.M Fan Club110Little Caesars180Still Waters70
Feb Site 4 q2
Seven Woes100Exile90Little Caesars200
Feb Site 4 q3
It Is Written160Heavan Leaven180Reclining Roosters130
Feb Site 4 q4
Hessed40Hivemind110Reclining Roosters70
Feb Site 4 q5
Loaves and Fish30Child Again270Hangry-10
Feb Site 4 q6
Mat+h110The J.I.M Fan Club140Contagious170
Feb Site 4 q7
Sparks270Exodus230Heavan Leaven80
Feb Site 5 q1
Contagious80Reclining Roosters100Exile20
Feb Site 5 q1
Contagious170Reclining Roosters230Exile40
Feb Site 5 q2
Exodus220Loaves and Fish60Still Waters150
Feb Site 5 q3
Little Caesars220Child Again300Mat+h270
Feb Site 5 q4
Daughters of David180Mat+h290Seven Woes-10
Feb Site 5 q5
Amplify260Still Waters200It Is Written170
Feb Site 5 q6
Seven Woes0Sparks170Hivemind270
Feb Site 5 q7
Feb Site 6 q1
Heavan Leaven200Hessed90Seven Woes50
Feb Site 6 q2
The J.I.M Fan Club130Hangry50It Is Written120
Feb Site 6 q3
Daughters of David140Contagious210Loaves and Fish100
Daughters of David120Child Again170Amplify210
The J.I.M Fan Club120Sparks270Hangry130
Jan Site 1 q1__1
Contagious70Mat+h200Still Waters50
Jan Site 1 q2
Still Waters60Daughters of David70Hivemind110
Jan Site 1 q3
Hangry150Loaves and Fish140Heavan Leaven120
Jan Site 1 q4
Heavan Leaven180The J.I.M Fan Club270Seven Woes190
Jan Site 1 q5
Reclining Roosters190Heavan Leaven130Amplify230
Jan Site 1 q6
Jan Site 1 q7
Loaves and Fish80Exile180Exodus200
Jan Site 2 q1
Hessed100Hivemind250Heavan Leaven80
Jan Site 2 q2
Sparks210Little Caesars140Contagious250
Jan Site 2 q3
Daughters of David160Amplify220Mat+h180
Jan Site 2 q4
Loaves and Fish60Child Again220Mat+h270
Jan Site 2 q5
Little Caesars130Seven Woes150Daughters of David230
Jan Site 2 q6
Child Again250The J.I.M Fan Club180Hangry260
Jan Site 2 q7
Reclining Roosters140It Is Written170Still Waters290
Jan Site 3 q1
The J.I.M Fan Club70Exodus110Daughters of David320
Jan Site 3 q2
Jan Site 3 q3
Exile160It Is Written190Hessed180
Jan Site 3 q4
Still Waters190Sparks90Amplify220
Jan Site 3 q5
Contagious110Hivemind150Loaves and Fish20
Jan Site 3 q6
Exile0Reclining Roosters130Hivemind280
Jan Site 3 q7
Seven Woes60Contagious150Child Again270
Jan Site 4 q1
Amplify400Seven Woes90Exile120
Jan Site 4 q2
It Is Written300Loaves and Fish-10Seven Woes110
Jan Site 4 q3
The J.I.M Fan Club160Sparks240Reclining Roosters220
Jan Site 4 q4
Hangry10Contagious110Reclining Roosters130
Jan Site 4 q5
Child Again270Still Waters380Hessed70
Jan Site 4 q6
Exodus50Amplify230Little Caesars200
Jan Site 4 q7
Daughters of David340Heavan Leaven40Sparks140
Jan Site 5 q1
Little Caesars340Reclining Roosters240Loaves and Fish60
Jan Site 5 q2
Heavan Leaven140Child Again310Exile180
Jan Site 5 q3
Seven Woes60Still Waters190Exodus200
Jan Site 5 q4
Hivemind200Exodus130It Is Written190
Jan Site 5 q5
Mat+h350Exile120The J.I.M Fan Club210
Jan Site 5 q6
It Is Written170Daughters of David250Contagious90
Jan Site 5 q7
Hessed60Hangry190Little Caesars130
Jan Site 6 q1
Sparks90Hangry-30It Is Written200
Jan Site 6 q2
Amplify260Hessed180The J.I.M Fan Club120
Jan Site 6 q3
Hivemind110Little Caesars-10Child Again100
Child Again210Sparks240Daughters of David250
Hangry50Mat+h220Still Waters90
Nov Site 1 q1
Hivemind160Daughters of David100Contagious130
Nov Site 1 q2
Sparks170Child Again250Still Waters150
Nov Site 1 q3
It Is Written190Hangry300Nuggets of Wisdom0
Nov Site 1 q4
Still Waters170Hessed60Contagious110
Nov Site 1 q5
Exodus300Little Caesars270The Authority20
Nov Site 1 q6
The J.I.M Fan Club210Heavan Leaven50Seven Woes-50
Nov Site 2 q1
Nov Site 2 q2
Hangry-10Daughters of David240Little Caesars210
Nov Site 2 q3
Child Again170Mat+h70Hivemind390
Nov Site 2 q4
Amplify320Exodus330Heavan Leaven50
Nov Site 2 q5
Still Waters230Exile100The J.I.M Fan Club210
Nov Site 2 q6
Loaves and Fish290Hessed250Nuggets of Wisdom40
Nov Site 3 q1
Mat+h110It Is Written220Exodus130
Nov Site 3 q2
The J.I.M Fan Club160Amplify380Hessed50
Nov Site 3 q3
Little Caesars400Exile230Hessed120
Nov Site 3 q4
Hivemind370Seven Woes60Reclining Roosters50
Nov Site 3 q5
Loaves and Fish-30Child Again350Heavan Leaven150
Nov Site 3 q6
Contagious90Hangry130Child Again150
Nov Site 4 q1
Little Caesars240The J.I.M Fan Club250Loaves and Fish60
Nov Site 4 q2
Exodus30Nuggets of Wisdom0Hivemind200
Nov Site 4 q3
Seven Woes60Contagious210Exodus130
Nov Site 4 q4
Exile200The Authority0It Is Written340
Nov Site 4 q5
Hessed60Hivemind420It Is Written210
Nov Site 4 q6
Daughters of David160Still Waters290Mat+h220
Nov Site 5 q1
Heavan Leaven0Still Waters90Hangry170
Nov Site 5 q2
It Is Written430Loaves and Fish60Reclining Roosters150
Nov Site 5 q3
The Authority30Sparks200The J.I.M Fan Club220
Nov Site 5 q4
Nuggets of Wisdom0Little Caesars230Mat+h190
Nov Site 5 q5
Daughters of David230Seven Woes170Amplify260
Nov Site 5 q6
Reclining Roosters190Exodus280Exile180
Nov Site 6 q1
Nuggets of Wisdom80The Authority60Seven Woes50
Nov Site 6 q2
Heavan Leaven70Contagious110The Authority0
Nov Site 6 q3
Amplify300Loaves and Fish40Still Waters330
Nov Site 6 q4
Child Again190The J.I.M Fan Club160Daughters of David290
Nov Site 6 q5
Mat+h130Reclining Roosters60Hangry200
Nov Site 6 q6
Sparks160It Is Written170Little Caesars110
Nov Site 7 q1
Hessed70Reclining Roosters90Child Again320
Nov Site 7 q2
Seven Woes60Mat+h240Exile130
Nov Site 7 q3
Reclining Roosters30Heavan Leaven10Daughters of David280
Nov Site 7 q4
Hangry170Sparks210Loaves and Fish20
Nov Site 7 q5
Contagious310Nuggets of Wisdom60Sparks250
Nov Site 7 q6
The Authority0Hivemind290Amplify170
Oct Site 1 q1
Little Caesars90Hangry170Sparks120
Oct Site 1 q2
The J.I.M Fan Club200Loaves and Fish60Mat+h360
Oct Site 1 q3
Daughters of David170Contagious30Amplify190
Oct Site 1 q4
Loaves and Fish0Child Again270Hivemind190
Oct Site 1 q5
It Is Written90Sparks160Hivemind180
Oct Site 1 q6
Hessed240Exile190Reclining Roosters30
Oct Site 1 q7
Reclining Roosters140Seven Woes150Heavan Leaven200
Oct Site 2 q1
Loaves and Fish100Contagious180Reclining Roosters50
Oct Site 2 q2
Hangry230Still Waters80Exile130
Oct Site 2 q3
Little Caesars150It Is Written130Child Again200
Oct Site 2 q4
Sparks260Heavan Leaven140Daughters of David330
Oct Site 2 q5
Seven Woes190The Authority20Amplify450
Oct Site 2 q6
Contagious150The J.I.M Fan Club280Seven Woes200
Oct Site 2 q7
Exodus270Hivemind260Daughters of David90
Oct Site 3 q1
Exile110Amplify210Child Again230
Oct Site 3 q2
Child Again190Seven Woes150Sparks180
Oct Site 3 q3
The Authority0Hangry260Exodus140
Oct Site 3 q4
It Is Written220The Authority30Contagious130
Oct Site 3 q5
Still Waters170Daughters of David230Hessed30
Oct Site 3 q6
Hivemind480Heavan Leaven110The Authority0
Oct Site 3 q7
Mat+h240Little Caesars360The Authority20
Oct Site 4 q1
The Authority100Daughters of David330The J.I.M Fan Club120
Oct Site 4 q2
Oct Site 4 q3
The J.I.M Fan Club210Sparks230Still Waters190
Oct Site 4 q4
Reclining Roosters100Still Waters130Little Caesars170
Oct Site 4 q5
Child Again190Mat+h180Heavan Leaven80
Oct Site 4 q6
Oct Site 4 q7
Exile250Loaves and Fish100It Is Written330
Oct Site 5 q1
Mat+h10It Is Written140Hessed-10
Oct Site 5 q2
Heavan Leaven110Amplify220Little Caesars150
Oct Site 5 q3
Oct Site 5 q4
Seven Woes110Hessed80Hangry340
Oct Site 5 q5
Hangry390Reclining Roosters40The J.I.M Fan Club50
Oct Site 5 q6
Sparks130Exodus220Loaves and Fish20
Oct Site 5 q7
Contagious180Child Again220Still Waters170
Oct Site 6 q2
Daughters of David250Reclining Roosters70It Is Written210
Oct Site 6 q3
Heavan Leaven170Hessed90Loaves and Fish10
Oct Site 6 q4
Amplify200The J.I.M Fan Club150Exodus10
Oct Site 6 q5
Exodus440Little Caesars30Exile170
Oct {None} q1
Still Waters-10Exodus250Seven Woes20
Daughters of David160Mat+h210Sparks110

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